In our Peppink test-milling facility we can test which mill is most suitable for your product and the disered fineness (μm) and capacity (kg/h). You can convince yourself of the quality of the Peppink mills by having a milling test carried out and possibly attend it yourself. Peppink uses a sieve device to accurately analyze the fractions of the milled product. A report is made of this sieve analysis in which the results are presented graphically.

Depending on the results of the milling test Peppink advises which mill best meets your requirements.

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Peppink Mills has an extensive database with results from previously performed milling tests of various products. Using this database, an indication can be provided of which Peppink mill can realize the milling of your product with your desired fineness and capacity. If there is no milling data of a product available at Peppink, or if the fineness and/ or capacity deviate from milling tests in the database, we can perform a milling test.

During the milling test, we test the optimal settings of your required Peppink mill. Variations in moisture content, fat content, temperature sensitivity, desired fineness and capacity mean that a customer-specific solution is offered. You will receive a sample of the milled product with a milling test report and a sieve analysis in which you can read the results.

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We always offer our customers individual advice and help design the ideal milling-installation. With the availability of the Peppink test-milling facility we can offer you a better understanding of milling with a Peppink mill.

To get a clear picture of milling with a Peppink mill, here are some examples:


Recently Peppink milled corn with a 300 AN beater cross mill. After a number of milling tests, the ideal settings for the Peppink mill were determined and the corn was milled to a powder of the desired fineness of 250 micron.

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Stevia is a very sweet spice. It is about 30 times sweeter than sugar and very suitable for diabetics. To obtain the sweeteners from the plant, the dried leaves of a stevia plant must be milled. This milling process was carried out using the Peppink 200 AN beater cross mill. The result is Stevia powder finer than 100 microns.

Click on the image on the side for the result.


Peppink has test-milled nutmegs for a spice factory with a Peppink beater cross mill. This factory produces nutmeg powder by milling nutmegs each about 2-3 centimeters in size. The final result after milling the nuts is the well-known nutmeg powder finer than 200 microns.

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