Peppink 600 W/16 mill

The Peppink 600W/16 beater cross mill is a variant of the Peppink 600W beater cross mill. The difference is that where the standard Peppink 600W mill has 12 arms, the Peppink 600W/16 has 16, resulting in a higher capacity.

Additionally, the 600W/16 mill has a wider milling chamber than the standard Peppink 600W mill.

Furthermore, the specifications of the 600W/16 are the same as those of the standard Peppink 600W: the 600W/16 is an extremely suitable for continuous operation in the food industry.

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Specifications Peppink 600 W/16

Mill dimensions (AxBxC) (mm) 1200 x 1200 x 1265
Mill weight approx. 1.800 kg
Mill chamber ø620 mm x 235 mm wide
Mill inlet Front
Milling speed 750 – 3.500 rpm
Motor 45 kW, 400/690V, 50 Hz
Transmission Flange motor
Mill house Welded with front cover and gasket
Sieve cage Steel or stainless steel, removable
Sieve surface 360° (± 4.600 cm²)
Sieve plates Interchangeable, perforation of your choice
Beater cross Hardened steel or stainless steel, 6, 12 or 16 arms, possibly with wear tips
Supply product Vibrating chute, screw or air transport
Exit product Mobile collection bin or air transport
Options Base frame, fixed or mobile
Available in stainless steel
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