Peppink 200 CM mill

The Peppink 200 CM mill is specifically designed for milling samples of grass, corn, or similar agricultural products. The Peppink 200 CM mill produces extremely clean samples with minimal contamination due to the reduced distance between the milling chamber and cyclone.

The Peppink 200 CM mill is equipped with a clamping system, by which plastic bags can be clamped under the cyclone for easy and quick collection of the samples.

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Specifications Peppink 200 CM

Mill dimensions (AxBxC) (mm) 1150 x 840 x 2360
Mill weight approx. 180 kg
Milling chamber ø200 mm x 41,5 mm wide
Mill inlet Front
Milling speed 4.700 - 9.700 rpm
Motor 2,2 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
Transmission Direct drive
Mill house Welded, with front cover and gasket
Sieve cage Stainless steel
Sieve surface 130° (± 94 cm²)
Sieve plates Interchangeable, perforation of your choice
Beater cross Hardened steel or stainless steel, 6 arms
Supply product Manually via feed trough
Exit product Collection bag
Options Base frame, fixed or mobile
Available in stainless steel
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