Peppink: The Milling Specialist

As the specialist in fine milling, Peppink develops and produces beater cross mills, hammer mills and pin mills that exactly match your requirements and wishes.

From laboratory sample milling on a small scale, to milling thousands of kilos of product per hour in your production process, Peppink is the right place for you.

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Why Peppink Mills?

  • Peppink designs and manufactures your milling-installation in accordance with ATEX standards
  • Peppink test-milling facility to test-mill your product
  • Customer-specific solutions thanks to our Peppink engineers
  • Close cooperation with and access to the factory of sister company Machinefabriek G.R. Veerman B.V.

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Modern innovative company with experience

Peppink mills are used in the food & non-food, pharmaceutical, recycling and chemical industry. Our mills are developed using the most modern techniques by our Peppink engineers. Peppink mills are produced by our sister company Machinefabriek G.R. Veerman B.V.

Peppink Mills is part of Veerman Olst B.V. together with Machinefabriek Veerman.


At the beginning of the 19th century T. Peppink and Son started a machine factory in Amsterdam. Since 1997, Peppink has been part of Veerman Olst BV. Peppink has been a specialist in milling and grinding equipment for more than a century, and has produced thousands of mills over the years. Peppink is characterized by short lines, good knowledge and extensive milling experience.

Peppink supplies modern milling and grinding machines worldwide, which are characterized by their robustness and user-friendliness. Peppink mills meet the latest requirements in the field of machine safety.

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