Peppink Pin mill

The Peppink Pen Mill consists of a stainless-steel mill housing and door. The mill is fitted with two pin disks mounted on the door and mill axis. The pin disc on the mill axis rotates while the pin disk on the door is stationary, which mills the product between the pins.

It is also possible to rotate both pin disks in the opposite direction by mounting a second motor on the door. By rotating both discs instead of 1 disc, a higher capacity and final fineness can be achieved.

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Specifications Peppink Pin Mill

Mill weight approx. 36 kg
Milling speed 5.000 - 12.000 rpm
Motor 0,55 kW, 220/380 V, 50 Hz
Transmission Flange motor
Mill house Stainless steel
Pins Hardened steel, totating pen disc
Supply product Vibrating chute or screw
Exit product Bottom with dust-free collection tray or bunker
Options Base frame, fixed or mobile
Available in stainless steel
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