Peppink grinding mills

For over a hundred years now, our grinding mills have been grinding the most diverse range of products for the food and non-food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We are proud of this and we would like to have the opportunity of convincing you of the quality of a Peppink grinder, which will meet all your product requirements.

We do this by offering you a trial grinding completely free of any obligation.

Your request is key

Our trial grinding shop has almost all types of Peppink grinders available. We have a suitable answer for each specialist question. By means of the results of the trial grinding you are assured that Peppink Mills will supply an appropriate grinding machine that meets all your product specifications.

Trial grinding

During the trial grinding we test the optimal settings of your required grinder. Variations in moisture content, fat content, temperature sensitivity, required fineness and capacity mean that customer-specific solutions should be offered. For each grinding you receive a sample of the milled product with a grinding trial report and a sieve analysis in which you can read the results.

Ask for a trial grinding now

Convince yourself of our specialist grinding mills: ask for an immediate trial grinding.

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