Peppink is the specialist when it comes to pulverization. The world trend is to grind products ever finer. Peppink offers the solutions for this.

When it comes to size reduction Peppink already has more than 100 years’ experience. Using Peppink grinding mills fineness down to 50 microns can be achieved. The optimal size reduction of product is specialists work; no product behaves the same during a grinding process.

Peppink molens in bedrijf

More than pulverization
The emphasis of Peppink is on the pulverization of product. However the end fineness may also be set to 1 mm for example. The Peppink grinders are applicable for multiple applications.

Over the years Peppink has already pulverized more than 1000 different products. These include sugar, wheat, pepper, spices, lactose, soy, grass, silage, plastics etc.

With Peppink you are at the right address for the pulverization of your product.

A selection from our grinding history

We always offer our customers individual advice and help in the search for the ideal grinding mill. With the availability of the Peppink test grinding shop, you can also get a good picture of grinding using the Peppink grinder.

In order to obtain a clear picture of Peppink pulverization, here are some examples.

Mais van grof naar fijn

Recently Peppink pulverized Maize using a 300 AN cross beater mill. The ideal settings were eventually created following a number of trial grindings and the powder ground to the desired 250 microns.

For a clear picture of grinding from coarse to fine, click on the adjoining photo.

Stevia van grof naar fijnStevia
Stevia is an extremely sweet spice. It is about 30 times sweeter than sugar and highly suitable for diabetics. To obtain the sweetening agents, the dried leaves of a stevia plant must be ground. This grinding process is carried out using the Peppink 200 AN cross beater mill. The end result is stevia powder finer than 100

Click on the adjoining image for the results.

Nootmuskaat van grof naar fijnNutmeg
Nutmeg powder comes from nutmegs about 2-3 centimetres big; these nuts grow on nutmeg trees in summer. For a spice factory, Peppink has ground nutmegs using a Peppink cross beater mill. It eventual result after grinding the nuts was the familiar nutmeg powder finer than 200 microns.

For an enlarged image, click on the adjoining photo.