Customer specific pin mills are constructed on the basis of the grinder housing of the Peppink cross beater mill. A pin mill has the feature of pulverizing/finely grinding the product. Using the pin mill as a rough-crusher for a cross beater grinder is also an option. The pin mill is constructed in welded form and is customer specific. The product to be ground, the grain size and the capacity play a large role in the design of the pin mill.

Peppink 100AN RVS Pennenmolen

The pin mill consists of two discs arranged vertically opposite each other; pins are connected to the discs. The material is fed into the centre of these discs after which the product is ground by the rotating pin disc. With this, the product travels diagonally through the concentric circles of the pins to the outside. The final particle size may be influenced by changing the rotational speed of the inner disc. The outer disc (door) may easily be opened, in order that a swift and thorough cleaning is possible. Optionally, the stationary disc may also be driven in the opposite direction.

Specification Pin mills

Applications Laboratory or industrial grinders

Material Welded steel or stainless steel

Transmission Flange motor

Grinding machine Rotating pin disc

Product feed Upper side with vibration conveyor or screw

Product removal Under side with dust free receptacle bin or bunker

Options Support, fixed or mobile
Frequency or soft start control

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