About us

Peppink Mills: the innovative specialist in pulverization for more than 100 years

Modern innovative company with experience

Peppink grinding mills have been deployed for over a hundred years now, primarily in the food and non-food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our grinding mills are developed using the most up-to-date techniques and produced in the Machinefabriek G.R. Veerman B.V. factory. Together with Veerman, Peppink is part of Veerman Olst B.V. For years Veerman has stood for high grade quality and precision work and guarantees the excellent quality of the Peppink mills.

Peppink Mills: the specialist in pulverization

As the specialist in pulverization, we develop and produce:

  • Cross beater grinders
  • Hammer mills
  • Pin mills

Peppink Mills satisfy your specific requirements

Based on our years of expertise built up in combination with continually innovative investments, we meet your specific requirements for a grinding mill. Peppink Mills has its own engineers, whereby, apart from standard grinders, we are also able to supply customer specific and/or turnkey solutions.

Through the availability of a proprietary trial grinding shop, Peppink has the ability to ensure customers that problems with the grinding of their product can be corrected and that the end result meets your specific requirements.

From an initial design through top the production of the grinder, you’ll find what you need at Peppink Mills.

Do you need a grinder that, for example, has to satisfy a certain compression strength in connection with explosion hazards, the ATEX standardisation, then we produce that grinder.

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At the start of the 19th century, T. Peppink and Zn. started an engineering works in Amsterdam Centre. Peppink has been part of Veerman Olst B.V. since 1997. Peppink has been specialised in milling and breaking devices for more than 100 years and in all those years, thousands of these have been produced. Peppink is characterized by short lines, good knowledge and lots of experience in the grinding field.

Worldwide, Peppink supplies modern grinding and breaking devices that are differentiated through reliability, user friendliness and that meet the latest requirements in the field of machine safety.