Hinged hammers
In addition to the many cross beater mills that Peppink has, they also have the know-how and capabilities for producing hammer mills. The Peppink hammer mill is used when a high capacity is needed is and no additional requirements are laid down on the spread of the ultimate fineness. The hammer mill has a swiftly rotating rotor to which hinged hammers are connected.

The product is fed into the hammer mill on the upper side and directly comes into contact with the rotating hammers. At such time as the product has attained the desired particle size, it leaves the grinding chamber through the sieve plates and the product is collected on the underside of the grinder. The Peppink hammer mill has a 180° grille cage with sieve plates in the underside of the grinding chamber. In the upper side of the hammer mill there are rupture discs attached, which promote the grinding process; harder materials are also excellent for grinding.

Peppink hamermolen met roosterkooi

The Peppink hammer mills are customer specific grinders. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have more information.

Specification Hammer mill

Applications Industrial grinder

Material Welded steel or stainless steel

Grille cage 180° Welded steel or stainless, removable, perforation to choice

Grinding machine Rotor with hinged hammers

Product feed Upper side with vibration conveyor or screw

Product removal Underside with dust free receptacle bin or bunker

Options Support, fixed or mobile
Frequency or soft start control

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