Welded version
The Peppink W grinder is a cross beater grinder constructed in welded form, in steel, stainless steel or sanitary design. The grinder is designed and produced to customer specific requirements. The Peppink W grinder has a widened grinding chamber in relation to the AN grinder, creating an increased capacity. The Peppink W grinders are widely used in industry due to, among other factors, the high capacity combined with the finely ground product.

ATEX standardization
Since the grinders are welded in construction, the Peppink W grinders can be certified with ATEX standardisation. Using software support, the W grinders are calculated to special explosion pressures. The ATEX standardisation is adjusted accordingly for a safe and reliable grinder.

Peppink W molen - Peppink 600W slagkruismolen RVS

The operating principle of the Peppink W grinder is similar to the AN mill. As standard the drive is constructed with a flange motor which is actuated by means of a frequency or soft start control. Feed and removal of the product in the grinder is dependent on the grinding process, which may be continuous or intermittent.

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Maattekening W molens

Specifications 300 W 400 W 600 W

Dimensions (AxBxC) 560 x 670 x 800 mm 1070 x 1000 x 910 mm 1110 x 1200 x 1150 mm

Weight Approx. 300 kg Approx. 450 kg Approx. 850 kg

Grinding chamber ø308 mm x 100 mm wide ø410 mm x 210 mm wide ø620 mm x 220 mm wide

Sieve surface area 622 cm² 1908 cm² 3039 cm²

Applications Industrial grinder Industrial grinder Industrial grinder

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