Cast version
The Peppink AN cross beater mill is used for the very precise crushing of the most diverse types of product. The Peppink AN grinder is the standard grinder from Peppink; these are constructed in cast iron or cast stainless steel. Owing to their cast housing, the AN grinders are offered as very reliable and economical grinders.

200AN 650breed

The Peppink AN grinder works according to the same principle. The product is fed from above via the inlet after which it enters the grinding chamber sideways at the level of the core. The product comes into contact with the swiftly rotating cross beater and is reduced by the impact, until it is so fine is that it is blown through the surrounding sieve. The product is collected at the bottom of the grinding mill.

The grinding mill is driven by a flange motor. The Peppink AN grinders can be supplied with a number of options on request, including the manner of feed and discharge or the grinder drive.

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Maattekening an molens

Specifications 100 AN 200 AN  300 AN 550 AN

Dimensions (AxBxC) 235 x 185 x 340 mm 350 x 420 x 560 mm 550 x 500 x 760 mm 865 x 850 x 770 mm

Weight Approx. 36 kg Approx. 60 kg Approx. 150 kg Approx. 400 kg

Grinding chamber ø103 mm x 40 mm wide ø202 mm x 60 mm wide ø308 mm x 68 mm wide ø565 mm x 100 mm wide

Sieve surface area 62 cm² 198 cm² 346 cm² 998 cm²

Applications Laboratory grinder Laboratory grinder Industrial grinder Industrial grinder

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