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Process Engineering

Trial grinding
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Peppink is the specialist in pulverization. Peppink grinders pulverize products for customers in the food and non-food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Depending on product and process fineness down to 50 microns can be obtained. Complete process installations are designed and produced using the knowledge and experience of our engineers. Grinders are then part of an installation, extended with classifier, cyclone, filter installation. Peppink also often supplies the grinder in the installation of the designer or manufacturer of a complete installation. Also called system integrator. Peppink can carry out trial grindings on all types of Peppink grinders in its proprietary ‘trial grinding shop’. We are able to test which mill is suitable for your product and the fineness and quantity requested by you. We advise you on the steps to take and we will make an offer for a trial grinding.
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Peppink AN grinders
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Peppink W grinder
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Peppink M grinders
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The Peppink AN grinders are constructed in cast iron or cast stainless steel. This type of grinder is (in cast iron) the most economical choice and available within a few weeks. The Peppink AN grinders have a 360° sieve and optional exchangeable angle notches mounted on to a beater cross with 6-12 arms. Direct driven by means of a 2.2-22 kW electric motor. The Peppink W grinders are welded constructions in steel or stainless steel. The grinder can be adapted to your specific wishes and is also available for your specific ATEX zone. The Peppink W grinders have a 360° sieve and exchangeable angle notches mounted on to a beater cross with 6-16 arms. Driven by means of a 7.5-60 kW electric motor. The Peppink M grinder is particularly suitable if the product being fed is coarse and does not need to be very finely ground. The grinder may be equipped with a hammer mill or cutting mill device. The M grinder has a product feed on the upper side where rupture discs may also be mounted. A sieve is mounted on the underside across 180°.
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Used grinders
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About us
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Peppink supplies used grinders and reconditions existing Peppink grinders and also grinders of other brands. For maintenance or further supply of grinder components, you are at the right address with Peppink. Peppink grinders are developed and produced in the Machinefabriek G.R. Veerman B.V. factory in Olst. Veerman has been ISO 9001 certified by Lloyds. Peppink mills are known for their durability and reliability. Peppink Mills bv and Machinefabriek G.R. Veerman bv are part of Veerman Olst bv. For a free quotation or if you have any questions about Peppink mills let us know!
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